About Me


I’m Robert Oleskevich, and I’m a traveling therapist.  I grew up in Colorado, but for the past 20 years, I’ve been living in Los Angeles, near the beach. Santa Monica is where I live and play, and although I love being next to the ocean, and as much as I value my soccer, yoga, and meditation communities, I’ve come to realize that getting the hell outta LA is essential. So, I’ve decided to quit working for the man, and do what I can to be my own boss. I’d love to be of benefit to the world, give something back, while navigating all the world has to offer.

Since 2014, when I decided not to return to my job as a school therapist, I have spent around 11 months in Asia. Mostly Vietnam, where I rode my motorbike the length of the country from Saigon to Hanoi. I was also lucky enough to check out Thailand, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Japan, and the Philippines. At this point, I think I’ve been to over 30 countries.

Please help support my endeavor by visiting this site, spreading the word, and even donating to me or those that I spotlight who could use the help.

I continue to provide mental health therapy to my clients online and in-person. If you, or someone you know might benefit from therapy, you can learn more about me and my services here.

Also, please contact me with constructive criticism, feedback, and ideas. If you know of a person, people, or a situation that could benefit from increased exposure and awareness, please let me know… let’s go check it out and see if we can be of benefit.