Writings From The Road

Nice to see you here! My name is Rob, and in 2014 I left my job as a high school therapist for troubled adolescents, and began traveling around Asia, supporting myself along the way by teaching English and continuing to see clients in therapy, mostly online.

Although therapy is my calling, and something I’ll continue to do, I want to explore other creative outlets that will enable me to continue to pursue my passion for travel, while also being of benefit to others. My goal is to travel and spotlight different people in different parts of the world who have a story to tell. My intention is to bring a poignant awareness to unique people and challenging situations so that these people might benefit in some way from this exposure. Click on the Spotlight tab for more.

Also included will be random thoughts, articles, and heart reflections that encapsulate a conscious lifestyle that I believe in. Click on the Read My Stuff tab to see more.

If you have ideas, inspirations, feedback, donations, constructive criticism, or anything else to share, please let me know..


You can donate here to help support my travel costs. You can donate on the Spotlight page to help support the specific individuals that I spotlight.